Roses don’t have to be Cliche

Roses don’t have to be Cliche

For the longest time the only reason I liked roses was because it was the flower that Belle was famous for in Beauty and the Beast. I remember telling my prom date that even though my dress was red, I would refuse to wear a rose corsage because I thought they were so cliche. Lately though, roses have been making a huge comeback onto the wedding scene!

Many brides don’t realize there are so many different breeds of roses and think of the stereotypical red rose instead of the multitude of options they really have! New varieties are being introduced all the time, so the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Quicksand Roses

One of the biggest rose trends we’ve seen this year have been quicksand roses. These blooms offer the prettiest shade of a dusty blush that every bride will want in her bouquet.

Juliet Rose

These roses are my personal favorite. Also known as the David Austin rose, this flower was the most expensive rose to breed (£3 million pounds) and took over 15 years to develop! They come in an number of colors to fit whatever look you want!

White Cloud Garden Roses

Similar in look to the Juliet rose, White Cloud garden roses have the look of old garden roses and are a beautiful cupped shape.

Mondial Roses

Mondial roses are popular for wedding because of their long stems and their impressive bloom size.The crisp white color represents purity and the start of new beginnings making it perfect for you to carry when you say “I do.”

Whether you carry classic red or the newest breed, you can’t go wrong with carrying the original wedding flower in your bouquet!

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