Alternative Arches

Alternative Arches

Although flower arches may be a huge trend, it may not fit your personality. No need to worry, there are a ton of fun alternatives to arches that you can use!

Nature’s Arch

Use the arches Mother Nature has given you and decorate it to your hearts desire! This couple used the overhanging tree branch to hang Chinese lanterns in their wedding colors.

alternative arch.jpg

Crystals Galore

If it’s glam you want, you can’t miss it with this dazzling crystal arch.2img_4470

Subtle Elegance

A simple chandelier hanging above you can bring subtle glam and classic elegance to your day.


Implied Arch

Maybe you want something more subtle? This bride wanted an arch without it being directly over her so we compromised for an implied arch with the branches in her flower arrangements!


Winter Wonderland

If you’re having a winter wedding we couldn’t imagine a more perfect arch than one made of snowflakes!

bnb_1644Whether you want flowers or crystals or something else completely there’s always a way to  make your vision come to life.

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