Picking Your Venue

Picking Your Venue

One of the first things you will decide on when you begin planning your wedding will be the location. There are probably countless venues in your area. Event venues have become a popular business lately with more opening every year! Not to mention the traditional venues like churches and country clubs and non-traditional venues like state parks, zoos, and athletic stadiums.

The first question you need to ask yourself when venue looking is “Does it fit my vision?” Your venue will play a large part in what your day will look like and you don’t want to spend a ton of money overdecorating a venue to fit your look.

The second question you need to ask is “Will it fit my guests?” Depending on the venue there may be multiple locations on site for you to hold the wedding and each will hold a different amount of guests. 10955204_1693686214191438_8566781577940002230_n

Amenities will vary venue to venue. Some venues may offer set up and clean up, a bridal suite to get ready in with complimentary champagne, and/or provide tables and chairs. This a very important question you need to ask your venue to ensure that you provide everything you need if they don’t.

Like amenities, restrictions vary place to place. Some venues require you to use certain approved caterers or won’t allow sparklers. It depends on the venue on how strict the restrictions will be.14079723_10210595401268195_3244760709325661011_n

Some other factors to consider are the date and time of your wedding, parking availability, and if the deposit is refundable in case of emergency. You want to be sure your date is open and that the lighting will be the way you want. The lighting will be different noon in January than it would be at 6 in the evening in June. Parking availability goes along with your guest count, you want to ensure that there is enough parking and that your guests will not have to walk too far.

Picking your venue is a huge step towards making your dream day a reality so be sure to make it a high priority!

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