Fresh vs. Silk

Fresh vs. Silk

When some people hear that we offer silk flowers for weddings they’re shocked. Silk?? For a wedding??


Not all of your flowers have to be fresh! If you happen to be like me and you have expensive tastes in flowers, silk flowers offer a cheaper option for you to still have your favorites displayed. You would be surprised at how difficult it can be to tell a fresh stem from a silk.

Using silk stems are a great option for large decorative pieces, like this oversized fireplace garland. fireplace-deco

Silk stems are also a great alternative for fresh flowers on your cake! cake.jpgA lot of brides will use silk flowers to DIY their own arrangements for reception tables or hanging floral installations. We use silk flowers for almost all of our floral arches to ensure that the arch looks bright and full for when the ceremony takes place.IMG_7801.jpgJust to prove our point we through together a bouquet with silk and fresh flowers, can you tell which ones are silk?img_7408


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