Budgeting the Big Day

Budgeting the Big Day

The first thing you need to decide on after becoming engaged is your budget. You don’t want to buy anything before you get a budget set because it results in some very upset parents/grooms/etc.

In David Tutera’s book “The Big White Book of Weddings” (which we suggest every bride read), he suggests an percentage breakdown, seen below.scan-2016-10-24-0002

This is one of our favorite ways to budget and we suggest it to many of our brides.

Another way to budget is that your dress should be 10% of your budget. This helps ensure that you don’t have an over-the-top dramatic gown and leave yourself with no money to make your wedding match.

Any quick search on Pinterest will bring up thousands of ideas on how to save money while planning your wedding, you just have to decide what you want to spend and where you want to spend it. For many brides, the dress and the photography are where they want their money to go. Others want to ensure that the food is memorable and the music is always popping. You have to decide what is a priority to you and your fiancee so that the day will truly be yours.

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