Floral Trends Around the World: UK Edition

Floral Trends Around the World: UK Edition

Flowers may be the universal love language but trends vary all over the world. Another monthly edition we will be starting will be Floral Trends Around the World. This month we are featuring our sister across the Pond, The United Kingdom.

Many of the floral trends from the United Kingdom will be closer to the trends we have here in the United States, there are some definite differences.

Hanging Flowers

Floating flowers are huge all over the world right now because of the magical and whimsical element it can bring to a wedding. Hanging floral installations, flower walls, and, of course, flower arches can be found in nearly every wedding we’ve been doing lately and apparently in The UK too!

Bigger Bouquets

The bigger the better, it seems! Oversized bouquets are huge this year, literally! Brides are wanting bigger, more dramatic bouquets.

Simple Flowers

Our friends in the U.K. are seeing more and more babies breath and an increase in greenery in all of their clients wishes.These help create a nice texture in bouquets, which is another trend showing up on their tables.

Pinks and Corals

Another trend sweeping the nation is Pink! Brides are loving this bright and fun color and using it without fear!

We love seeing trends from around the world and we’d love to see yours too! Don’t hesitate to share what you’re seeing in trends this year!


We do not claim to own any of the photos on this blog. All photographers are tagged in the  image titles.

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