First Look: Pros and Cons

First Look: Pros and Cons

If you’re debating doing a first look on your wedding day, we’ve all been there. Part of you wants to be traditional and have him wait until you walk down the aisle. But part of you just wants to see him. We’re outlining just a few of the pros and cons of a first look.


Stress Free Time

A first look allows you to see each other without worrying about who’s watching or tripping down the aisle. A first look can allow you to relax before the ceremony and just relish in your relationship. BNB_0650.jpg

Alone Time

This is one of the few times on your wedding day it will be just you and your groom. A first look can give you two just a few minutes to enjoy each others company and share a special time. This is also a great opportunity to exchange letters or pray together.


Mingling Time

If you choose to have a first look before your ceremony, more than likely you will take a majority of your pictures before the ceremony, giving you the chance to spend more time with family and guests during the reception. This time also allows you to take more artistic pictures of you and your groom.




This one of the biggest cons many brides find. A first look is seen as breaking tradition since it has been said that seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle is bad luck.

Lack of Emotion

Some brides feel that if they do a first look there will be less excitement when it comes time to actually walk the aisle. However, typically the joy of the day and seeing all of your friends and family keeps the sparks going. Some brides are worried their groom won’t cry if he sees her before hand but we’ve found this really depends on your groom, if he’s a crier he’ll cry both times and if he’s not, he won’t! wca_109_cl

Time Crunch

Typically in order to do a first look your wedding day plans have to start earlier. This can become an issue if you’ve only booked your photographer for a set number of hours or if you have limited access to your venue’s locations.

Whether you choose to have a first look or not, your day will be a reflection of you and your groom from start to finish.

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