Unplugged Wedding: What is it and Why?

Unplugged Wedding: What is it and Why?

Unplugged weddings have just started to become noticed and more and more brides are wanting one.

You may have seen this picture that went viral because the photographer was so frustrated.unplugged-wedding-1024x683This should not have happened. The poor groom had to step aside just so he could watch his bride walk down the aisle!

Because of this photo, and others like it, photographers have started implementing a clause in their contract that does not allow other people (that includes guests) to take photographs.

What is it?

A unplugged ceremony asks guests to completely turn off their cell phones, cameras, and other devices so that the photographer is the only person taking photographs. This ensures there is no one standing in the middle of the photographer’s way and allows them to capture your special moments as effectively and perfectly as possible.oppositeofunpluggedweddingHow can we have it?

Signage! There are so many cute signs out there that you can copy or get inspiration from that will let your guests know in the nicest way possible to please turn off their devices and be present with you.

Isn’t it the photographer’s job to work around guests?

Yes…to a point. There’s only so much your photographer can do in order to get the perfect photo. Just like there’s only so much Photoshopping that can be done to a photo. You photographer is a professional, not a magician so remember that when picking your photographer and reviewing your wedding photos.

One photographer we enjoy working with has a clause in her contract that protects her from images ruined or missed due to guest interference. This and clauses like it are  becoming quite common in many photographers’ contracts.


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