Unique Unity Ceremonies

Unique Unity Ceremonies

Everyone knows the traditional unity ceremonies. A unity candle, a sand ceremony, or the Unity cross. These are always such beautiful ceremonies but sometimes you want something a little more unique.

Friends And Family Sand Ceremony

This unity ceremony is similar to the sand ceremonies everyone knows and loves but with a bit of a twist. In this ceremony the bride and groom have asked friends and family to come up and read a scripture that they feel reflects the couple and then pour the sand into a container.548d2090d4336183dcddff25b20b3af8.jpg

Hand Fasting

You can bring a rope braided and have your hands (loosely) knotted together to symbolize the joining of your lives. This is a simple and traditional ceremony in Scottish, Irish, and Welsh weddings. 2015-12-10-untitledshoot-358

Irish Pebble Ceremony

An old Irish tradition involves the participation of almost all of your guests. Guests hold a river rock throughout the ceremony and write a wish or blessing for the new couple on it and then place it in a vase for the couple to keep. a3f4e269ee00a83a51cfa0e077975ce0

Tree Planting Ceremony

Plant a tree with some dirt from your childhood home. A variation of this is to allow you and your fiancee’s parents to water the tree to symbolize they have taught and encouraged love. The tree will then be transplanted at the couple’s new house and will symbolize putting down roots, longevity, and strength within your marriage. cbcf6198f61de420b059b73677806c93

Whatever your tastes, there is a unity ceremony out there for you!

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