Love Reunited

Love Reunited

We were given the chance to help out one of the sweetest couple’s weddings a few weeks ago and we are just dying to share their adorable story!

When Deb and Rick first met, they were in high school. They dated for 5 years when it didn’t work out and they went their separate ways. They each married someone else and had families. Both marriages ended and Rick began looking for Deb again, but there was one problem, he didn’t know her married last name! After looking for her for a while, he finally found her on Facebook in August. They set up a second first date and four days later it was decided that they would be getting married! This sweet couples’ faces were pure joy two weeks ago when their wedding day arrived. They couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other! They decided to have an hourglass sand ceremony to represent that they had wasted enough time and the rest belonged to them. There were more than a few happy tears shed that beautiful Saturday, and  we couldn’t have been happier to help make their day perfect!




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