Which Flower Crown is For You?

We’ve seen a lot of trends this year but one that sticks out to us is flower crowns! While flower crowns are not a new trend, they are being seen for anything and everything!

Simple and Sweet

e15937a6904769de6e73c51c41bd8527A sweet crown of just babies breath gives off a feel of innocence and simplicity. Perfect for a bride!

Green and Green and Green

 3faaee35b6bd1b8df2d999b7ed1cc387Maybe you’re a little more boho, if that’s the case a crown of eucalyptus leaves and a few other small green is perfect for you.

Bright and Big

b1d9c8544f566cf318906f7b334013d7If you want a want a way to incorporate your colors or you want something with a little more weight, a crown made of bigger and brighter blooms is always beautiful.

Sweet and Small


If you still want your flowers but don’t want to be overwhelmed by heavy blooms, spray roses offer a great way to incorporate color but also keep your crown small.

Festival Flowers


Maybe you’re wanting more of a Coachella feel with your crown. This can be achieved with wildflowers and a tightly wound crown.

Whatever look you’re going for, a flower crown is always the perfect accessory to any outfit, especially a wedding gown!


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