Advice from Your Photographer

Advice from Your Photographer

We’ve been asking around to a few of our favorite photographers what is some advice they would give to a bride planning her wedding and they were so excited to share their thoughts!

Have An Unplugged Ceremony

We know it’s not always possible but if you can make it happen, it makes it so much easier for your photographer to get the shots you want.img_7568

Know Your Photographer’s Shooting Style

If you have an indoor ceremony or reception, be sure that your photographer knows how to shoot in that lighting. Each Photographer specializes in different ways of photography, so its important to know how your photographer shoots and that it fits the vision you want for your wedding photos.1546382_10204224913956135_7986889540385741187_n.jpg

Have A Shot List

Having a shot list made out for your photographer will make it so much easier when it comes to taking family photos. The photographer can run down the list of names rather than asking “Who’s next?”

Consider an Album

One of our photographers has suggested talking to your photographer about a quality photo album. This gives you something to have in your home and treasure and it’s something you can pass down for generations.

bride-groom-camera-photo-wedding-photographer-nj-ny.jpegDon’t be afraid to ask for advice from any of your vendors! They have been to more weddings than they can count and have learned so many tricks and want your day to be as perfect as you do!


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