You’re Engaged, Now What?

You’re Engaged, Now What?

It’s officially the start of engagement season! The time between Thanksgiving and March is the most common time for your guy to pop the question! If you are recently engaged, Congratulations! Here are a few tips to help you get started planning your dream wedding day!

Tell Your Friends and Family

Before you do anything else, tell your loved ones your good news! Enjoy celebrating with them and just revel in the moment!

Begin Looking for Photographers

You’re going to want to set up your engagement soon sometime soon after you’ve said yes but you also want to make sure you hire the right person to capture you and your fiancé. Here is some advice from our favorite photographers to keep in mind while you’re looking!

Start Looking at Dates

This can be incredibly difficult so you want to start this early. Consider where you want your wedding to be held and what type of flowers you want. There are so many factors to consider when picking your date.26f872fdc2f6493e4d054507b6d01431.jpg

Start a Guest List Draft

This is going to be a long and on going process until the moment you send out invitations. There are probably going to be fights over Cousin Ethel and your classmate from that one class you hate. Get started early and you can make adjustments.

Set Your Budget

This is so important to nail down. Your budget is what everything will revolve around so you want to begin by figuring out who’s paying for what and how much they’re willing to spend. There are many different ways to spilt the wedding and you’ll have to sit down with each of your families and decide what is best for you! Here is some advice we’ve pulled together about budgeting. scan-2016-10-24-0002

Choose Your Girls (and Your Guys)

It’s crucial to be surrounded by those who love you on your wedding and you’ll be spending the most time with your bridesmaids so be sure to think through who you want to stand by your side and then come up with a cute way to ask them!

Scratch off Bridesmaid Ask from InklingsPaperie on Etsy

Choose Your Venue

Now comes the hard parts, finding the place you want to be married in. There are probably tons of options around you. Think carefully about how you want your day to look and when you want it. This will help narrow down the options. Find more help about picking a venue here.

Most Importantly

Take time to yourself and your fiancé and just enjoy being engaged and embarking on this next step in life together!

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