Guest Books You’ll Want to Keep

Guest Books You’ll Want to Keep

The issue with guest books is that they sometimes get shoved in a closet and forgotten all about. These couples decided they wanted something they could actually use so they came up with these awesome ideas.


This is such a cool idea and will definitely be used! This couple had a firend build the bench for them so it was even sweeter.

Guitar or Musical Instrument

If you or your spouse are musicians this is an awesome way to incorporate your love of music as well as having a cool conversation piece around the house.



Our wanderlust filled couples will love this guestbook! This is a great idea if your guests come from all over the world!

Sports Equipment

We love the idea of tying in couples stories or traditions in with the guestbook! These couples incorporated their interests in skiing and rowing into their guestbooks.


Maybe you and your fiance love games! There are so many options to choose from! From Jenga pieces, Baggo boards, or puzzle pieces you can’t go wrong with this guest book!

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