Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you’re like the 1.8 million brides that get married in December each year, you may be worried about getting cold. No need to fear! There are tons of cute options to keep you warm and toasty on your wedding day!


A cute scarf not only keeps you warm but is a great prop for pictures!

Venegas Studios


Furs (and Faux) add a hint of luxury to your day while helping you not freeze!BNB_1799.jpg


If you want to add some fantasy to your day, you can’t go wrong with a cape!

Janelle Sutton

For Your Guests

How cute is this idea?

Villa Siena Event Venue

For Your Girls

Scarves and Gloves

Your girls will love you forever for keeping them warm.

George Street Photo & Video


How adorable are these bridesmaids? Stylish and warm!3e3a32bf025d131548fbc83c24ef7c1b.jpg

Stay warm!

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