Picking Your Table Linens

Picking Your Table Linens

There are so many aspects to planning your wedding that its easy to overlook some. One of the biggest things that goes overlooked are table linens! Table linens add color and richness to your wedding day.

Pick a Fabric

There are so many fabrics to pick from. Most vendors will have a book of swatches that you can look at and pick from. These typically feature the colors available and the different fabrics you can choose from. Some of the favorites are Accordion Taffeta, Crushed Satin, and Sequin. Burlap is also a favorite for rustic weddings. linen-1

Order the Right Size

Depending on how many people you are inviting, your table set up will vary. We always suggest floor length tablecloths because it’s much prettier than looking at table legs. Table toppers are always optional but give depth to your table and are a great way to incorporate another fabric or maybe some sparkle into your reception.a2f1d317d79eeb85a3a9d2e82ff22adb

Examples of Different Linens

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