New Years Eve Party Tips

New Years Eve Party Tips

We LOVE New Years Eve! It’s a time to look back and reminisce, as well as look to the future and dream! If you’re throwing a New Years Eve party this year we’ve got a few of our favorite tips and treats for you!

Gold Balloons

You can’t go wrong with balloons as a party decoration! Grab a couple of dollar store ballots and fill them with confetti to pop at midnight or paint them with gold craft paint to  give the room some extra sparkle!DIY-Gold-Dipped-Balloons-e1419624081318.jpg

Bubbles and Champagne 

Put some cotton candy in a glass and pour champagne over it and you will have the coolest drinks in town!cbac5a5d3708eceff917176fe4260864

Kid-friendly Activities

If you plan on having a kid friendly party, use balloons with times written on them to keep the party going! Each balloon will have a different fun activity inside!d2dd16dae64d00cd2dcd6137e113824e.jpg

Midnight Kisses

What a sweet (get it?) way to end the night! Send your guests home with a bag of midnight kisses to keep the party going!


We hope these little tricks help you have a rocking New Years Eve!

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