Making an Exit

Making an Exit

As we exit 2016 with a bang, its only appropriate that we share some of our favorite weddings exits!


Sparklers are always a crowd favorite and they can allow for great pictures! Just double check it’s okay with your venue and that you keep the fire away from any little hands.WCA_429_CL.jpg


Birdseed is one of the favorite traditional exits! Especially if you’re having a brunch or afternoon wedding!

Gather West Photography


Okay, Fake snow, but still! This is such a cute idea for winter wedding!

Zach Ashcraft


Balloons are a great option to add lots of color to your exit!



If your venue won’t let you have sparklers, bubbles are a great secondary option because your photographers camera flash will cause the bubbles to flash and create a magical background!

Woodland Fields Photography

Whatever you choose to make your exit with, it will always be memorable because you’re leaving married!

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