Flower of the Month: Carnation

Flower of the Month: Carnation

There are over 300 species of carnations with hundreds of varieties. They are available in an enormous array of shades and colors. Some may even be bi-colored. The most common colors are red, pink, white, and burgundy. They are easy to dye to match whatever color you desire.mixed-carnations.jpg

There are many different meanings of carnations. Pink carnations symbolize a mother’s love.flwrmuse_110426-9.jpg

Yellow for disdain, purple for antipathy, striped for refusal. striped-carnation.jpg

White stands for pure and ardent love.white-bulk-carnations.jpg

While red means “alas, my poor heart.”kikn7zq4t

While carnations are widely known as inexpensive flowers, they have a long vase life and add fluff to any arrangement.cd9847f808acd78ee9d747344ac89b7a.jpg

Be sure to send all your friends with January Birthdays some carnations!

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