Flowers around the world: China

Flowers around the world: China

Chinese wedding are typically steeped with traditions and we wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to wedding flowers.


While flowers are used to decorate table much like in western weddings, large bouquets of colorful flowers are typically given to the bride and groom as gifts and line the hall leading to the wedding reception. Some brides choose to carry a small bouquet though.
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Tradition takes lead when it comes to colors and flowers types. In China, White is typically used for funerals so it is best not used for bridal flowers. The most popular colors are red (associated with success, loyalty, fertility, and love) and golf (associated with wealth and fortune). Other popular colors include pinks and yellows.

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Typical flowers are Lilies because the Chinese word for lily sounds like part of a proverb meaning “happy union for one hundred years,” and also represent “bringer of sons.”stargazer_lily_cascade_bouquet.jpg

Another typical flower are orchids. Orchids symbolize love and a married couple as well as wealth and fortune.beautiful-spring-wedding-flower-bouquets-matched-with-lovely-purple-orchid-and-red-wedding-flower-bouquets-945x1085.jpg

The lotus is also a popular flower for Chinese weddings. A lotus bloom with a leaf and a bud symbolize a complete union. 8d7b87a8fce48832cc6b6c7f440aba8d.jpg


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