Picking Your Man’s Clothes

Picking Your Man’s Clothes

It may seem like the boys are going to have an easier time finding wedding clothes than the girls,but your groom’s tux is just as important as your dress!

There are just as many options for guys as there are for girls. First you have decide whether you want your man in full suit, or maybe just in a vest? You can also choose between just a nice white shirt, suspenders, a flannel, or the full tux. It’s completely up to you and him! We’re going to go through a few of the options and let you pick your favorite!


Suits are probably the first thing you’ll think about when dressing your guy but there are different styles and fits, just like wedding dresses. You can also choose to buy or rent. If your guy needs a new suit, it might be just the time to splurge but if you’re going for the full top hat and tails, it will probably be smarter to rent.



It may seem simplistic but a white shirt can make quite the statement. You can go boho with an open collar and no tie, or go bold with a black shirt and a black tie. Just make shirt the shirt is pressed neatly on the day-of and don’t wait to try it on until the wedding day!

Via GroomInspiration on Instagram

Ties v. Bowties

Options are endless when it comes to picking out your man’s neckwear. You can match your bridesmaid gowns or go for a cool floral. Just make sure your groom and his guy know how to tie their ties or may be best to go with the pre-tied.

Photography by AhmetZe via ModWedding

Other Accessories 

Other accessories we’re seeing a lot of are suspenders, special socks, pocket squares, and cufflinks. The possibilities are never-ending when it comes to specializing your groom. Cuff links with the location of your first date, pocket squares that match your bridal party, anything that shows off his style as well as yours. Don’t be afraid to personalize it!

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