A Wedding Journey: Pt 2

Hello, all!

So last week, I gave you a little bit of background on myself as well as some tips that I found most helpful during the early stages of planning my own wedding. This week I’d like to discuss the next biggest thing… VENDORS!

Vendors can play such an important role in your wedding day, so it’s really important to make sure that you have the right ones for your taste AND your budget. Following are just a few examples of the vendors that could be necessary in making your big day everything that you ever dreamed it would be:

  1. Venue – Probably the most important of the vendors and potentially the most expensive. If you’re leaning towards a lower budget, but still want a “wow factor” wedding, I suggest places like your home church or a state park

If, on the other hand, cost is not an issue then you may consider a country club or a stylish local venue

2. Wedding Planner/Decorator – It may seem trivial, but I can guarantee that you will NEVER regret hiring a wedding planner. They will take away a large portion or the burden that comes along with putting a wedding together and make sure that everything is perfect for your big day (not to mention, they will be worth every single penny).

3. Baker/Cake Decorator – Set up appointments with different bakers, test aaalllll of the cake, and enjoy it! Compare prices and be sure to stay within your budget. Decide if you want the whole cake or maybe just cupcakes… full icing or a “naked” cake. Maybe you want cheesecake? The possibilities are endless, but this was honestly my favorite part of the process because who doesn’t love free cake samples?

4. Catering – One of the more optional vendors because they aren’t 100% necessary for a wedding to happen. However, if you are getting married around dinner time, a meal is definitely nice to have!

5. Entertainment – When attending an event of any kind, guests tend to stay longer when they are enjoying themselves… So, it is important to decide if you’ll have a DJ, live music, a rented juke box, or maybe just a stereo that can be used for playing music during the reception.

More important than any of the vendors though is that you simply enjoy your wedding day. And be sure not to get so caught up in the planning that you forget about the existence of your fiance… Continue to date one another, talk about your dreams and your future plans, and live in the moment… This only happens once! Cherish every moment. Catch you guys next week with the scoop on my own experiences with these vendors!


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