The Psychology of Flowers

Image result for psychology of flowersWhen I was earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I was surprised to learn of the way in which things such as colors or smells can effect our mood. For example, the smell of apple pie might take you back to your grandma’s kitchen or the color red can actually make you feel a little more energized. We see these used in advertisement on the tv every single day! So it shouldn’t be surprising to know that flowers also go deeper than sight or smell and into our psychological being.

Now, I really like to keep the blog pretty fun and entertaining but in this case, I’m going to try to mix that with some scientific fact!

Did you know that in a recent study, it was found that patients in the hospital who had flowers in their room actually required fewer pain killers AND were in better moods than patients who did not have flowers? Crazy, right!? We, as humans, react positively to expressions of thoughtfulness and love almost every time! But flowers do not only impact those who are in the hospital, they can also play a role in your relationships!

Relationship help probably seems like a no brainer… I mean, you send her flowers on her birthday and valentine’s day so it seems pretty obvious. As a woman though, I can tell you that yes, it will be special to her when you send her flowers on her birthday, but even more so when you take the time our of an average day to send some. When received, flowers tend to evoke romantic and happy feelings toward one’s partner.

Even something as simple as the color of the flowers you send can have varying effects on the recipient. For example:

Image result for red rose
Red tends to evoke feelings of passion, intimacy, and love

Related image




Green brings forth feelings of harmony and balance, and makes us feel safe






Image result for white flower

And white is representative of innocence, purity, and elegance







So the next time you send flowers, keep in mind “how do I want my loved one to feel?” and make your selection based on that. If you aren’t sure, ask your florist and let them work their magic.

Have a great day!


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