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Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After

On April 21, 2018, one of our own said her “I Do’s” and we have since been anxiously awaiting her wedding photos. Today, they have arrived and we could not be more ecstatic!
Daniel and Adrean both wanted a fairytale wedding, and Adrean had some very big dreams for the way she wanted her wedding day to look. We took those dreams, put them on paper, then into the venue, and watched as her dreams came into fruition. This couple is very near and dear to our hearts here at Love’s and we are so excited to finally get to share all of these amazing photos.


Photos by Rebecca Hawkins Photography

Fairytale on the Mountain

Fairytale on the Mountain

To say that we were excited when Elizabeth asked us to coordinate her wedding would be a total understatement. Her day turned out to be an absolute dream and we are so glad that we got to be such a significant part of making her fairytale into a reality. We wish her and Carter many of years of love, joy, and happiness! Here’s to your newest adventure!

Photos by Benjamin Martin Photography
Florals by Love’s Flower Shop

The Psychology of Flowers

Image result for psychology of flowersWhen I was earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I was surprised to learn of the way in which things such as colors or smells can effect our mood. For example, the smell of apple pie might take you back to your grandma’s kitchen or the color red can actually make you feel a little more energized. We see these used in advertisement on the tv every single day! So it shouldn’t be surprising to know that flowers also go deeper than sight or smell and into our psychological being.

Now, I really like to keep the blog pretty fun and entertaining but in this case, I’m going to try to mix that with some scientific fact!

Did you know that in a recent study, it was found that patients in the hospital who had flowers in their room actually required fewer pain killers AND were in better moods than patients who did not have flowers? Crazy, right!? We, as humans, react positively to expressions of thoughtfulness and love almost every time! But flowers do not only impact those who are in the hospital, they can also play a role in your relationships!

Relationship help probably seems like a no brainer… I mean, you send her flowers on her birthday and valentine’s day so it seems pretty obvious. As a woman though, I can tell you that yes, it will be special to her when you send her flowers on her birthday, but even more so when you take the time our of an average day to send some. When received, flowers tend to evoke romantic and happy feelings toward one’s partner.

Even something as simple as the color of the flowers you send can have varying effects on the recipient. For example:

Image result for red rose
Red tends to evoke feelings of passion, intimacy, and love

Related image




Green brings forth feelings of harmony and balance, and makes us feel safe






Image result for white flower

And white is representative of innocence, purity, and elegance







So the next time you send flowers, keep in mind “how do I want my loved one to feel?” and make your selection based on that. If you aren’t sure, ask your florist and let them work their magic.

Have a great day!

Flower of the Month: Roses and Honeysuckles

Flower of the Month: Roses and Honeysuckles

The June birth flowers are the rose and the honeysuckle.

The Rose

The rose has more meanings than one can count!

pexels-photoA pink rose means perfect happiness.

rose-red-rose-romantic-rose-bloomWhile a red rose means “I love you.”

pexels-photo-237382A white rose signifies innocence and purity.

pexels-photo-237355While a yellow rose conveys friendship.

HNCK4278A bouquet of roses means sincere gratitude.

pexels-photo-360179Whereas a single rose amplifies the meaning of the color (a single red rose means “I REALLY love you”).

The Honeysuckle

The other June flower is honeysuckle, which is a strong symbol for the everlasting bonds of

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and is the biggest day for florists across the world! We’re sharing some of our favorite Valentine’s Day arrangements to help you gather some ideas for your loved ones!



This sweet arrangement had red carnations, pink roses, and greenery topped off with a heart accessory!

Beautiful Whisper


This big beauty had spray roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and babies breath. We love the light and airy feel of this bouquet and any lady would love to see this on her dining table or office desk!

Pretty in Pink


This little bouquet has pink roses, carnations and red daisies. We love how precious and bright this arrangement is!

Simple and Sweet


You can’t go wrong with roses and babies breath! Roses are the eternal symbol of love and are always beautiful.


Don’t forget to order your Valentine’s flowers early! We start taking orders February 1st!


2017 Color Trends: Desert

This trend has been on our radar for a while and we can’t get enough of it! The blush and taupe tones compliment each other so well and who doesn’t love succlents and cacti?

Fitting in perfectly with Pantone’s Color of the Year, brides can take inspiration from a couple of pantone’s palettes such as Ethereal Material and Grand Canyon for color inspiration.


Available from Minted
Elyse Hall Photography via 100 Layer Cake


Photography by Melissa Jill via Inspired by This
Photography by Melissa Jill


Photography by M. Felt Photography via Burnett’s Boards
Photography by Wes Sumner via Notey


Photography by A Couple of Night Owls via Bridal Musings
Photography by Megan Welker via Emmaline Bride
Flowers around the world: China

Flowers around the world: China

Chinese wedding are typically steeped with traditions and we wouldn’t expect anything less when it comes to wedding flowers.


While flowers are used to decorate table much like in western weddings, large bouquets of colorful flowers are typically given to the bride and groom as gifts and line the hall leading to the wedding reception. Some brides choose to carry a small bouquet though.
Super Panda Presents

Tradition takes lead when it comes to colors and flowers types. In China, White is typically used for funerals so it is best not used for bridal flowers. The most popular colors are red (associated with success, loyalty, fertility, and love) and golf (associated with wealth and fortune). Other popular colors include pinks and yellows.

Olive Studio

Typical flowers are Lilies because the Chinese word for lily sounds like part of a proverb meaning “happy union for one hundred years,” and also represent “bringer of sons.”stargazer_lily_cascade_bouquet.jpg

Another typical flower are orchids. Orchids symbolize love and a married couple as well as wealth and fortune.beautiful-spring-wedding-flower-bouquets-matched-with-lovely-purple-orchid-and-red-wedding-flower-bouquets-945x1085.jpg

The lotus is also a popular flower for Chinese weddings. A lotus bloom with a leaf and a bud symbolize a complete union. 8d7b87a8fce48832cc6b6c7f440aba8d.jpg