The Importance of Nailing down a Day-Of Itinerary

The Importance of Nailing down a Day-Of Itinerary

On your wedding day you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. You’ve hired a planner or coordinator to help things along but you’re being hit with time lines from everyone. Your photographer has a timeline, your DJ, cake, caterer are all showing up at different times, and you feel a little helpless. This is where a Day-Of Itinerary can help.

Most planners and coordinators will help you set up your day-of itinerary (also known as flight plans or schedules) by combining all of the different timetables you’ve been given into one timeline while also setting a plan for when you want to do dances, exits, and compiling song lists. Not only will this help with organization, but it will allow everyone to know where they should be and when.

When making our itineraries, we typically try to start with the photographers time table and then add in arrival times of the DJ, Cake, and caterer. Next we add in the name and order of bridesmaid and groomsmen and the songs chosen by the bride for processional, unity ceremony, first dances, etc. Below is an example of what one of our itineraries looks like!Flightplan

Flightplan 2Flightplan 3Flightplan 4Flightplan 5

We typically give a copy of this to both mothers, the DJ, the Photographer, the venue coordinator, and the officiant so that everyone is on the same page!



Prom Pretties

Prom is just around the corner! Be sure to order you tux and flowers early, or you may not get some of these beautiful pieces to take home with you!Prom-1Prom-22Prom-26Prom-33Prom-46Prom-57Prom-66Prom-78Prom-85Prom-87Prom-88Prom-90

Our Favorite Favors

Our Favorite Favors

When attending a wedding, it might seem a little awkward to take home a gift. Now we’re not talking about stealing one of the happy couple’s gifts, but a gift from the happy couple themselves! Most couples want to have some type of favor that guests can take home to remember their wedding and thank friends and family for the love and support they’ve shown throughout the couple’s relationship. Don’t be afraid to take home what was meant for you!

These favors are going to have your guests begging to take them all home!

Flip Flopsdiy-wedding-flip-flops-dancing-shoes-favors_0003

This is a great suggestion for big party families that lets your guests kick off their heels and dance in comfy shoes all night!


If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the winter time, these are a must have! Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and they will fly off the table!


If you’ve got a green thumb, you might want to share the love! This is a great idea because every time one of your guests looks at their plant, they’ll think of you and your wonderful wedding!


This is perfect for an outdoor wedding or reception to protect your guests eyes! Not to mention, it makes adorable pictures!

Sweets for Your Sweet

Sweets for Your Sweet

Who else loves baking? We love these sweet treats for Valentine’s Day and couldn’t wait to share them!

Marshmallow HeartsĀ 

How sweet would this be on a chilly Valentine’s Day movie night! Anyone up for watching Frozen?


Full Tutorial found here on

Sugar Cookie Cake

This sounds so yummy, we could almost smell it though the screen!


Tutorial found on

Teddy Graham Conversations

These are super easy and so cute! Great for a kids snack!


Recipe found on Hello Wonderful

Oreo Pops

These take only minutes to make and are a great classroom treat!


Found on Happiness is Homemade.


Don’t forget you can pre-order your Valentine’s Day flowers today!

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and is the biggest day for florists across the world! We’re sharing some of our favorite Valentine’s Day arrangements to help you gather some ideas for your loved ones!



This sweet arrangement had red carnations, pink roses, and greenery topped off with a heart accessory!

Beautiful Whisper


This big beauty had spray roses, hydrangeas, lilies, and babies breath. We love the light and airy feel of this bouquet and any lady would love to see this on her dining table or office desk!

Pretty in Pink


This little bouquet has pink roses, carnations and red daisies. We love how precious and bright this arrangement is!

Simple and Sweet


You can’t go wrong with roses and babies breath! Roses are the eternal symbol of love and are always beautiful.


Don’t forget to order your Valentine’s flowers early! We start taking orders February 1st!


Wild and Gorgeous: A Banquet Dinner

Wild and Gorgeous: A Banquet Dinner

We were recently given a chance to provide flowers for our Chamber of Commerce’s Banquet. We were so thrilled with how the finished product looked we couldn’t wait to share it!

We wanted it be classy but trendy. We loaded our arrangements with silver dollar eucalyptus and created each arrangement to be unique. Our candelabras for the head table contained a wreath stuffed with Cyprus, eucalyptus, and ivy with flowers dropped in the add color and class.img_0550img_0562img_0559img_0560img_0563img_0564img_0561