A Wedding Journey: Part 3

With my wedding day rapidly approaching, I have been doing a lot of reminiscing on my planning experience. Most of it has been so smooth and simple, thanks to the amazing group of people that I’ve had helping me along the way! My fiance, my mom, and my wedding planner have all helped in preventing a couple of stress induced melt-downs, ESPECIALLY during the process of choosing vendors. Image result for mt nebo state park wedding

The most difficult by far was choosing a venue. I’ve always known where I wanted to get married, so when I called that particular venue and they told me that they would be under construction and, therefore, not hosting any weddings, I was devastated. I think we toured maybe six venues before I finally settled on one.


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When it came to choosing a wedding planner, it was honestly a no brainer for me because I had worked at Love’s Flower Shop and I knew very well the work and effort that they would put into my wedding day, as well as what great care they would take of me. And truth be told, they really have played a HUGE roll in making me actually feel like a bride and I’ll always be grateful for their role in my wedding. (Again, can’t stress the importance of a wedding planner enough!!)

I am so luck that I have been able to work with many of these vendors over the years as I planned and coordinated other people’s weddings. Through my work with Love’s, I met the WONDERFUL Michelle Mayer who will seriously knock your socks off with her cake making skills. I didn’t even test cake from anyone else because I knew she was the right one for me. Here are just a few examples of her work:

Although I have also worked with several caterers over the years, the one who I wanted to cater my wedding now owns her own venue (Cabin Creek Lookout… Check it out, it’s gorgeous) and is pretty tied up hosting weddings there! And so the search, taste testing, and the price quoting began… to say it was a long road would be an understatement. BUT on the bright side, we had so much fun trying food at different places, comparing, and picking our favorite.

Image result for dj


Choosing entertainment was also a little tough as we had a pretty tight budget in this area. But we eventually found a DJ for our wedding that fit our style AND our budget, and that’s a pretty big deal.


All of that being said, I think we are now pretty much up to present day in which I am preparing for my first bridal shower and a bunch of very busy weekends as the final countdown ensues!


The Psychology of Flowers

Image result for psychology of flowersWhen I was earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I was surprised to learn of the way in which things such as colors or smells can effect our mood. For example, the smell of apple pie might take you back to your grandma’s kitchen or the color red can actually make you feel a little more energized. We see these used in advertisement on the tv every single day! So it shouldn’t be surprising to know that flowers also go deeper than sight or smell and into our psychological being.

Now, I really like to keep the blog pretty fun and entertaining but in this case, I’m going to try to mix that with some scientific fact!

Did you know that in a recent study, it was found that patients in the hospital who had flowers in their room actually required fewer pain killers AND were in better moods than patients who did not have flowers? Crazy, right!? We, as humans, react positively to expressions of thoughtfulness and love almost every time! But flowers do not only impact those who are in the hospital, they can also play a role in your relationships!

Relationship help probably seems like a no brainer… I mean, you send her flowers on her birthday and valentine’s day so it seems pretty obvious. As a woman though, I can tell you that yes, it will be special to her when you send her flowers on her birthday, but even more so when you take the time our of an average day to send some. When received, flowers tend to evoke romantic and happy feelings toward one’s partner.

Even something as simple as the color of the flowers you send can have varying effects on the recipient. For example:

Image result for red rose
Red tends to evoke feelings of passion, intimacy, and love

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Green brings forth feelings of harmony and balance, and makes us feel safe






Image result for white flower

And white is representative of innocence, purity, and elegance







So the next time you send flowers, keep in mind “how do I want my loved one to feel?” and make your selection based on that. If you aren’t sure, ask your florist and let them work their magic.

Have a great day!

A Wedding Journey: Pt 2

Hello, all!

So last week, I gave you a little bit of background on myself as well as some tips that I found most helpful during the early stages of planning my own wedding. This week I’d like to discuss the next biggest thing… VENDORS!

Vendors can play such an important role in your wedding day, so it’s really important to make sure that you have the right ones for your taste AND your budget. Following are just a few examples of the vendors that could be necessary in making your big day everything that you ever dreamed it would be:

  1. Venue – Probably the most important of the vendors and potentially the most expensive. If you’re leaning towards a lower budget, but still want a “wow factor” wedding, I suggest places like your home church or a state park

If, on the other hand, cost is not an issue then you may consider a country club or a stylish local venue

2. Wedding Planner/Decorator – It may seem trivial, but I can guarantee that you will NEVER regret hiring a wedding planner. They will take away a large portion or the burden that comes along with putting a wedding together and make sure that everything is perfect for your big day (not to mention, they will be worth every single penny).

3. Baker/Cake Decorator – Set up appointments with different bakers, test aaalllll of the cake, and enjoy it! Compare prices and be sure to stay within your budget. Decide if you want the whole cake or maybe just cupcakes… full icing or a “naked” cake. Maybe you want cheesecake? The possibilities are endless, but this was honestly my favorite part of the process because who doesn’t love free cake samples?

4. Catering – One of the more optional vendors because they aren’t 100% necessary for a wedding to happen. However, if you are getting married around dinner time, a meal is definitely nice to have!

5. Entertainment – When attending an event of any kind, guests tend to stay longer when they are enjoying themselves… So, it is important to decide if you’ll have a DJ, live music, a rented juke box, or maybe just a stereo that can be used for playing music during the reception.

More important than any of the vendors though is that you simply enjoy your wedding day. And be sure not to get so caught up in the planning that you forget about the existence of your fiance… Continue to date one another, talk about your dreams and your future plans, and live in the moment… This only happens once! Cherish every moment. Catch you guys next week with the scoop on my own experiences with these vendors!

A Wedding Journey: Pt 1

Hi, everyone! So I think that I should begin by introducing myself… My name is Adrean and I have been working here at Love’s Flower Shop on and off since about 2014. I am 100% new to the blogging world but I am going to do everything in my power to make this particular blog page the best that it can be…. Starting with our very first play-by-play, top-to-bottom, straight from the mouth of the bride (and the planner) documentation of what exactly it takes to make a wedding happen.
On April 21st of this year, I will be getting married (exciting, I know)! And in order for any of this to make much sense, I think I need to share a little back-story on my fiance and I.
Daniel and I met through a campus ministry called Chi Alpha at Arkansas Tech University through a mutual friend and we had a connection right away. Kind of like that fairy-tale “love at first sight” thing that is so cliche it could only possible happen in the movies… fast forward a little to December of 2016; Daniel gets down on one knee, asks me to be his wife and of course my answer was a resounding “YES!” But what happened next caught me off guard…

Now, mind you, I had been planning weddings for two years at that point so you would think that planning my own would be easy, right?? WRONG! I learned very quickly that there was SO MUCH MORE that went into making a wedding come together than I had ever imagined. So, as a bride and as a wedding/event planner, I would like to share with you a few of the things that I learned right off the bat and have taken to heart:

  1. SET YOUR BUDGET – I seriously cannot stress this enough. And I don’t mean set a budget for your wedding overall. I mean set a budget for your dress, your cake(s), your bridal party, your food, your rings, etc.
  2. Book early- To some, this probably seems like the obvious thing to do. But you need to know that wedding vendors (i.e. florists, planners, venues, bakers, photographers) are booking weddings sometimes a year or more in advance. This means that if you don’t get your date on their books ASAP, then you may not get who you want.
  3. Research, research, research- This is your WEDDING DAY. Make it count! When you are looking to book your vendors, never use the first one that you get a quote from without first exploring your options. Look them up on Facebook, take a glance at their website, see if you can find reviews for their work on Google, call them and see if you can set up a meeting.
  4. Pinterest- Some of you may cringe a little at that word, BUT it can be such a useful tool for figuring out what you like! Below I’ll be adding some of my own Pinterest wedding inspiration.

These are by no means the extent of the tips that I could give you, but they certainly have come in handy for me during this period of planning. Be sure to tune in next week, especially you newly engaged ladies and gentleman, because I’ll be discussing all of the vendors that you’ll need to make your big day as smooth and care-free as possible!